Encryption devices at RSA Conference Europe 2008

A main attracton at the RSA Conference Europe 2008 was a collection of vintage encryption devices. These machines are incredibly intriguing and bring new meaning to mobile data protection.  What would the magic quadrant for 1950 look like?

The obvious highlight of the display was an Enigma that raised a number of questions and was the main focus of hands-on demonstrations. John Alexander, an Enigma machine expert and collector, led a lively discussion.

Devices on display included: Heimsoeth und Rinke Enigma, USSR Fialka, Hagelin C36, Hagelin C38S, Hagelin BC38, and Hagelin BCX52

The Guardian recorded a podcast with John Alexander and Simon Signh dicussing topics that included Enigma and encryption.

Hopefully this display will continue and be expanded at both the RSA Conference and RSA Conference Europe. The encryption device display was organized by Victoria Worpole from Bletchley Park’s Education Department and John Alexander. Please help to ensure that encryption history is preserved by making a donation to the The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.

More photos from the RSA Conference Europe 2008 are available on Flickr

Enigma up close RSA Conference Europe 2008 RSA Conference Europe 2008 Fialka - USSR Hagelin C36 - Sweden Hagelin C38S - Sweden M209 - USA Hagelin BC38 - Switzerland Hagelin BCX52 - Switzerland Engima - Germany Enigma operating instructions Empty Keynote hall Hagelin BC38 Encryption Device Hagelin C38S Encryption Device Talking Enigma at RSA Conference Europe 2008