Treo 750 vs. BlackBerry Pearl

More comparison photos on Flickr

While attending the Gartner Wireless and Mobile Summit 2007, I had the chance to use a Cingular’s Palm Treo 750 for two days.

The verdict: Nice try Palm, but the BlackBerry Pearl wins


  • UMTS-capable
  • Palm enhanced Today screen
  • 3rd party Windows Mobile 5 application (not included)
  • Two days plus worth of battery


  • Keyboard a step backwards from the Treo 650, difficult to use one-handed
  • Windows Mobile 5 – while sometimes pretty, does not match the efficiency of a BlackBerry
  • No built-in encryption: full device, email, or removable storage


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  1. Kevin Bocek wrote::

    Comparison photos of the BlackBerry Pearl versus a Motorola Q are available here on encrypted bits.

    Saturday, February 10, 2007 at 20:54 #